Tat’s Yummies tells the story of a deep-seated love for pastries and gourmet treats. Melina Fabian, born in Switzerland with Italian roots, grew up immersed in a baking tradition passed down through her family for generations. From her earliest years, she fondly recalls watching her grandmother craft bread and other delicacies, the aroma of freshly baked goods lingering in her memories.

As Melina’s passion for baking flourished, she began sharing her creations with close friends, who not only provided valuable feedback but also offered enthusiastic support. Their smiles of satisfaction and the resounding chorus of “Yummy!” inspired the name “Tat’s Yummies”. The endearing nickname “Tat” originated from a young boy named David, who affectionately referred to Melina as “Tat”, a term derived from the French word “tatty” meaning aunt.

Now, Melina is eager to share her passion for patisserie and gourmet delights with a broader audience. Through Tat’s Yummies, she invites clients to embark on a culinary journey with specialties from Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, and beyond. Each bite of her creations promises a delectable experience, inviting customers to expand their culinary horizons and savor the rich flavors of her exquisite specialties.

|  Baking is an art, a journey of learning, growing and always being open for new ideas and concepts  |  This will go on forever and ever…


After graduating from high school, Melina spent three years as an apprentice under Mr. Albert Rappaz in Prilly, Lausanne, Switzerland. He was the specialty artisan bread supplier for the internationally famous l’Hotel de Ville Restaurant owned by Fredy Girardet in Crissier.

Following her apprenticeship, Melina earned her diploma (CFC) in Baker/Artisan from l’EPSIC, a respected professional school in Lausanne recognized internationally by DGEP (Direction Générale de l’Enseignement Postobligatoire). She then worked as a baker in Switzerland for ten years, gaining experience in various bakeries, confectioneries, cafes, tea rooms, and restaurants to refine her culinary skills.

Since relocating to America, she’s been baking exclusive delicacies for friends, private clients, churches, farmers markets, and social events!

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